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28 September 2010 @ 12:04 pm
The mystery of water  
The taste of water is greatly influenced by the temperature. Thus, mineral water that has become lukewarm is not tasty in the slightest. Then why is it delicious, if the water is cold? Everyone believes it's because of the refreshing feeling when it goes down the throat, but actually it's not only that. A certain coldness is also appealing to the palate itself.
It is said, that a water temperature of about 25°C less than one's body temperature feels cool and delicious. Therefore, water of about 11°C will be most delicious. Even if one tries this experiment with a large number of people, the result doesn't change.
This water temperature hits the taste buds on the surface of the tongue, which seem to send signals to the brain in order to stimulate parts that feel a sour taste. Based on the water temperature, the result would appear to be just like lemonade.
When you have something like the spring water of a mountain stream in your mouth, some people may even feel a refreshing sweet taste, and indeed, more than the sweetness of sugar water it is a delicate sweetness. If anything, it's close to lemonade, and this is also because the coldness of the water would stimulates the taste buds. The sour taste has an effect that eases tense feelings. By drinking just one glass of cold water, the fact that strangely the tense feeling will disappear and you will feel calm, is also due to the stimulation of the sour taste.

From 'The likely known and unknown mysteries of water'
by Kitano Masaru
published by Daiwa Shobô


That was quite interesting, and it made me think of the German saying "Sauer macht lustig" (something like "sour makes you merry/jolly") the whole time. True or not, I can totally see Japanese people going all "eeeehhh" in astonishment when reading this, most of them just love to read such things about the ways of nature being good for your body and health. Well, I shall go and have myself a nice glass of delicious temperatured water to ease away any tension and let the calm feelings run through me. *g*
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