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29 September 2010 @ 01:26 pm
Growing up  
Children of different ages get together, all day long, taking life easy, playing around. Where is it the good in that? The three-year-olds to look after the one-year-olds, the five-year-olds to look after the three-year-olds, the seven-year-olds to look after the five-year-olds, it's passed along like this. In that way, the older bunch among the growing children witness the state again, that they themselves where in until quite recently, by taking care of the younger children. In other words, if you would call it studying, this is reviewing. Moreover, the younger children who get looked after will come in contact with children who are a bit further ahead in development. This is, in a word, preparation. The advantage of children from different generations playing together as one, is indeed repeating the preparation and review of development, or if saying it in a modern way, it is growing up with repeated feedback.
Children playing just by themselves is a rough upbringing, if comparing it to constantly getting looked after by parents. I guess there are lots of mothers who feel like that now. I think it is the opposite. Growing up among a group of children, as mentioned above actually, might rather mean being raised with care.

'There is a peculiarity in your brain' by Yôrô Takeshi
published by Chûkôbunko


During my childhood, I hated it when my mother said "She is your little sister, you gotta look after her and be a role model to her, cause she looks up to you", but nowadays, especially after reading this, I somehow feel the need to call her and say "thank you" for that. And for "giving me" a sister in the first place. I don't have older siblings so there was never really a "preparation" for me (I wished there were sometimes), but I can definitely see how this "feedback" thing worked. It made me grow up in my mind much quicker, because I saw how "childish" I was, just looking at my sister.
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