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so watch as I start to smile...
21 February 2010 @ 04:13 pm
I'm always somwhat in awe about Shige's writing in those essays, and love to read the translations.
Since I havn't seen this essay translated yet, I decided to give it a try . Maybe others like to read it as well, so here it is.

I would rather come down with an illness, than excessively injecting a vaccination against people. Collapse )
Please note that English is not my native language. Although it doesn't feel like a foreign language to me, I'm aware that sometimes the phrasing might not be completely correct. So, I'm open for any corrections, regarding the Japanese-English translation or just the English in general.
And please don't take/re-post my translation without my permission, thanx.
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so watch as I start to smile...
12 February 2010 @ 11:14 pm
It's one of the newer essays, that according to the list, was still not translated...and I couldn't resist.

A poet who even now attracts a lot of fans. His view of the world is unique, and I was quite influenced by it, too.Collapse )
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so watch as I start to smile...
With this, the list of the essay translation up to now is finally complete. yay.

No one has the right to do such a thing....No matter what. Because even I don't want to have such a thing done to me.Collapse )

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11 February 2010 @ 08:23 am

Despair and hope, beginning and end, life and death. Here is a repetition of such contradictory things.Collapse )

That's all the essays I wanted to translate (because they hadn't been translated yet), and now,.....i'm out of material for further translations >.<. Well,  will just have to look for something I guess....

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Apology to my flist about suddenly starting to make these kinds of posts in the past days, but I don't want to get another LJ for it, I want my translations HERE in my original LJ. And since I am studying Japanology, it's kinda obvious that maybe sooner or later I'd start posting stuff like translations and such. So you hast have to skip those posts or whatever, yea.

After all, the so-called adult doesn't exist and with the number of years passing by we just become adult-like children. Collapse )

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09 February 2010 @ 07:58 am
I love university, because I love my japanese classes. However, I must admit that I really like having the free time during my semester break now, having finally the time to be translating whatever I want (not somethign from a textbook). It's so much fun!

At times like that I know what love is. Collapse )

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08 April 2008 @ 06:34 pm
Aragaki Yui is a young japanese actress and I love to watch her dramas/movies. I think she is really pretty, beautiful in a classic way. well..whatever...point is: I found scans of her "photobook" and decided they are too good to not do anything with them.So i made 50 icons :D. I'm not the best icon maker, in fact....I'm really not an icon maker at all....but I think i did a good job with one or the other pic. I know that nobody on my flist is really interessted in these icons, BUT....since I only have very limited icon space (am not going back to ads damnit) I decided to post them here anyway, so i can look at them all in m LJ at least.


the rest of the 50 icons be here behind this gerbyl-cut...Collapse )

so watch as I start to smile...
11 August 2007 @ 07:40 pm
Since I started project365 I took loads of pictures over the past month, 
cause i take my digital camera everwhere with me. 
Some turn out really good, so good, that I -myself- am a bit amazed sometimes.
I really got into it and suddenly see lots of good objects or things to take pictures of.I look at things from different angles that could look interessting on photos.
Often i have more photos than i can fit into my weekly pic posts, and sometimes 
I have a set of really good ones ( car lights at night) and can only post one in project365.

Therefor I put all of my fave photos/ set of photos and those who turned out very good in 
my new photo community.....


From now on I will post sometimes single pics, sometimes a set of pics there, 
whenever I took some that i like or think turned out very good.
If you like to look at my pics, and I mean also pics OUTSIDE my project365,
then join the community =)=)=)=).